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Outreach is a major ongoing focus of Bethany Beach Christian Church, reflected through our current work with Socrates Café, CROP Walk, Prayer Bear Program, and Helping Hands Food Bank.

Socrates Café

These are philosophical discussions around the world where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences. BBCC started a Socrates Café in 2013 as a Community Outreach project. In-person meetings are held in the Chapel on the first Tuesday of each month, from 2:00 - 3:30pm. We learn more when we question and question with others in a common quest to gain a better understanding of human nature. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. For more information, please contact bonniejd.rae@gmail.com.


The Crop Walk has become a Bethany Beach community-wide event. CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. It provides a great opportunity for our community to support six local food pantries, as well as provide funds for communities in our country and around the world who are recovering from recent disasters.

Walker donations go to Church World Service (CWS) - in existence since 1969 - for recovery aid to victims of recent disasters from around the world. CWS helps provide the tools, materials, and training to harvest crops to feed families and to start small businesses for a sustainable food source and income, as well as emergency services to those losing their homes and livelihood.

25% of donations to CWS will be returned to our Southeast Sussex County community for our local food needs. We know that our local food pantries see many families every week that need food in order to feed their families, save money for other bills, and supplement the minimum wages that they receive.

Walkers and donors are recruited from the community. Some choose not to walk, but instead to support the walkers. Entertainment is provided, with lots of camaraderie and fun!

Prayer Bear Program

This program started in a Hawaiian church and was adopted as an Outreach Program at BBCC in 2000. Congregational members donate bears, and these bears are available to anyone in need of a "hug" or "loving encouragement". They show that someone cares and serve as a visual and concrete acknowledgement. Each bear comes from BBCC with a small tag reading "God loves you and we do too". To date, BBCC has donated several hundreds of bears and has gotten a very positive response from recipients.

Food Banks

We know that our local food pantries serve an increasing number of individuals and families because of the Pandemic. The need for food and help is ongoing.