A true high-end luxury replica watch brand

Many people don't understand why replica watches of different brands can differ dozens of times on the basis of the same steel shell material, even though they are all timing tools. Where is the price gap between them? Is it just that the cost of the movement can produce such a big disparity?

In fact, the early Omega was actually more brilliant than Rolex. Even though the replica watches Omega brand is somewhat lost, they still belong to the same level of watch brands, and they all belong to the tool watch positioning. The main cores used by both brands are equally divided in terms of the strength of the movement.

The only advantage of Rolex is that it is endorsed by Hong Kong movies and is deeply loved by the Chinese people. In recent years, hunger marketing has done extremely well. It is difficult to have a watch brand with annual sales of nearly 1 million pieces, and each style is out of stock for a long time and needs to be queued for booking, and either needs to be tied or sold at a premium.

Under this circumstance, Rolex's brand value was instantly separated by these old and true high-end luxury watch brands. In fact, this is also very easy to understand. Nowadays, wearing Fake watches to show one's personal strength, and the positioning of different watch brands is completely different.